Dog Safe Bubbles: Guide to a Fun Summer Game with Your Dog

By Steve Holloway | Updated February 21, 2022

Dog playing with dog safe bubbles

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Dogs and younger children can both spend hours outside in the warm spring and summer months enjoying chasing bubbles. Since your dog will catch these bubbles in their mouths, it's extremely important that you pick out dog safe bubbles for your furry friend to chase and enjoy

Along with our top four picks and product reviews, we have a buyer's guide below that will give you important points to consider when you start looking for bubbles for your own dog. We don't want you to get overwhelmed, have problems finding quality products, or buy the wrong ones, and this is why we created this post.

In a Hurry? Here's our Top 4 Picks at a Glance

Bubbletastic Bottle of Bacon Bubble Solution at Amazon
"These innovative bubbles combine the addictive fun of chasing them with the irresistible scent of bacon that can keep your dog entertained and ready to play for hours."

Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine for Dogs at Amazon
"This compact but powerful bubble machine is a great way for your dog to exercise, bond with their family, stay safe, and have a lot of fun all at the same time."

Lick-A-Bubble Create Flavored Bubbles at Amazon
"This bubble toy by Lick-A-Bubble is a fun and creative way for you to make your dog their own flavored bubble mix that they can enjoy."

Pet Qwerks Doggy Incredibubbles Peanut Butter Flavor at Amazon
"These bubbles come designed to stay intact and whole as they float through the air and land on the floor. "

Why Give Your Dog Bubbles to Play With

As long as you get the correct type of bubbles and monitor your dog, bubbles are a harmless, fast, fun, and easy way to encourage your dog to play outside. They shouldn't cause digestive problems because they contain no harmful ingredients, they're non-toxic, and you can get them specially formulated in certain scents.

Giving your dog bubbles that haven't been formulated with them in mind can cause several problems including digestive upset, vomiting, and diarrhea. Bubbles are also a way to get an older dog out for a little low-impact exercise routine without putting too much stress on their joints or muscles.

How to Introduce Your Dog to Bubbles

Some dogs will naturally want to chase and bite the bubbles as you blow them while other breeds can be more timid. This is why you want to slowly introduce bubbles to your dog if they've never seen them before to help ensure that they associate it with something fun. To accomplish this, you can:

  • Get your dog's attention and blow a few bubbles away from them
  • Point the bubbles out if your dog doesn't seem interested
  • Encourage your dog to chase and bite the bubbles (excitement and tone are very important here)
  • Repeat the steps until your dog understands what you want them to do

You don't want to blow bubbles directly in your dog's face because they may be more timid or skittish and this can make them afraid. Blow them away from your dog at first. You can move this closer if your dog seems interested but not entirely sure.

How to Clean Bubbles Off Your Dog

Depending on the type of bubbles you get, they may leave a sticky residue on everything they touch. Since this is mostly going to be around your dog's face, they could be a sticky mess by the time they're done.

You want to get a warm cloth and run it over your dog's paws, face, neck, and back to get most of the residue off. You want to really concentrate on the areas around their mouths and eyes because you don't want any lingering residue to stay in these areas. If the bubbles come scented, be prepared for your dog to smell like the bubbles for a few hours.

At this stage, it's also important that you clean any residue off your flooring or walls if you play with your dog inside because you don't want them to slip if it gets slippery. Also, make sure you put your bubbles where your dog can't reach them and get into them when you're not around.

Possible Side Effects of Ingesting Bubble Solution

While bubbles that are specifically designed for dogs are relatively safe, they can cause issues. You want to monitor your dog after you first play with the bubbles for any side effects. You can contact your vet if you're worried.

  • Diarrhea - Diarrhea usually goes along with an upset stomach because it's telling you that your dog ate something that didn't agree with them. Keep an eye on them and make sure that they drink enough fluids to avoid getting dehydrated. You could give them ice cubes instead of a bowl of water.
  • Upset Stomach - Even though some bubbles are formulated for dogs, ingesting a large amount can cause mild stomach upset. Common symptoms include excess gas, mild bloating, gurgling, and temporary appetite loss. This should go away in a few hours.
  • Vomiting - Although it can be unpleasant and scary, vomiting isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's the body's way of getting rid of something that doesn't agree with it. You may see this if your dog had a lot of bubble solution.

Buying Considerations for Dog Bubbles

When you look at the different dog bubbles and bubble machines, there are a few key things that you want to look for to ensure that you get a safe option. We picked out the biggest things to look for below.

Multiple Uses

Although bubbles are generally inexpensive, you want to get bubbles that you can use for more than one playing session. Some solutions advise you to throw them away after you add flavoring and play once because the flavoring stops the bubbles from being as large or easy to create.

Gentle Formula

Your bubble's formula should be gentle enough to accidentally get into your dog's eyes and not cause pain or burning. Many bubble manufacturers put that the bubbles are tear-free right on the bottle so you can tell at a glance whether or not this is safe to use around your dog.


One of the biggest things to look for is a non-toxic formula because your dog will ingest a small amount when they pop the bubbles. Most bubble solutions are non-toxic because they're designed for children but look for this on the bubble's packaging or on the label itself.


Do your bubbles leave a sticky residue on everything they touch? How difficult will this be to clean out of your dog's coat? You want to keep these two things in mind when you look for bubbles because you don't want to spend hours trying to get the sticky feeling out of your dog's coat.


Your dog may be more excited to play with the bubbles if they have a pleasing scent like peanut butter or bacon. You want to look for bubbles that come with scents already mixed into the formula because all you'll have to do is twist open the top and blow the bubbles for your dog to chase.

Sturdy Packaging

Once your dog knows what bubbles are and what the package looks like, you want to be sure that the packaging is strong enough to last if your dog gets it and chews on it. Ideally, you want a tight cover, thicker plastic, and a smaller bottle that is more difficult for your dog to get open.

Our Top 4 Picks for the Best Dog Bubbles

1. Bubbletastic Bottle of Bacon Bubble Solution

Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Solution

These innovative bubbles combine the addictive fun of chasing them with the irresistible scent of bacon that can keep your dog entertained and ready to play for hours. The large bottle contains eight ounces of bubble liquid that is capable of entertaining your dog for hours at a time.

These bubbles come with a formula that is specially designed to be gentle on your dog's face and eyes because it's tear-free. The formula is also safe and non-toxic to use around your other pets, kids, and family members without worrying about them swallowing it or getting it into their bodies.

Each packet of these bubbles comes with a flexible bubble wand that allows you to blow large bubbles and small bubbles for your dog quickly and easily. The clear container ensures that you'll always have enough bubbles left over to entertain your dog all season long.

What Other Dog Parents Thought About This Toy...

People who purchased these bacon-scented bubbles for their dogs were happy that you get a larger size with each purchase for extended play sessions. However, the dog parents did say that these bubbles may not get as large as they would like before popping.

Things We Liked

  • Get a larger size with each order
  • Has a bacon scent to attract your dog
  • Wand is flexible and hard to break

Things We Didn't Like

  • Bubbles may not get big enough
  • Wand gets slippery with extended use
  • Price is slightly higher than other choices

2. Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine for Dogs

Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine

This compact but powerful bubble machine is a great way for your dog to exercise, bond with their family, stay safe, and have a lot of fun all at the same time. This machine is lightweight enough to pick up and move around to different locations without worrying about dropping it.

Once you add the bubble solution and flip it on, this machine will start dispensing a flurry of bubbles for your dog to chase around and pop. The bubbles have a strong bacon scent that can attract your dog and help to hold their attention for hours of interactive playtime.

Each purchase of this bubble machine comes with an eight-ounce bottle of bacon-scented bubbles that have a non-toxic, safe, and tear-free formula. It's a great option for outdoor use, and you could even set it up indoors as long as you were sure that your dog wouldn't slip and fall.

What Other Dog Parents Thought About This Toy...

Dog parents who bought this interactive bubble machine for there dog were impressed at the number of bubbles it put out with a single fill. Dog parents were not pleased that the bubbles seemed to blow down instead of outwards.

Things We Liked

  • Allows for fully interactive play
  • Comes with a bottle of bacon-scented bubbles
  • Small and lightweight design

Things We Didn't Like

  • Blows bubbles down instead of out
  • Can be slightly loud when it runs
  • Bubble solution may leak out of the holding cup because it has no lid

3. Lick-A-Bubble Create Flavored Bubbles

Lick-A-Bubble Flavored Bubbles

This bubble toy by Lick-A-Bubble is a fun and creative way for you to make your dog their own flavored bubble mix that they can enjoy. You get the bubble solution that is safe to eat, and you can add whatever flavors your dog prefers to eat to encourage them to play with it.

Each package comes with four flavorless bubble solutions that have a red fill line printed on the bottle to show you exactly where to fill your flavoring to without making it extremely strong. You add your flavoring, shake the bubbles, and you're ready to play with your dog.

The bubble solution itself comes made out of food-grade materials that are safe for your dog to ingest without worrying about negative health problems. It's free of preservatives, artificial dyes, flavoring, and it's designed to be gentle if it should happen to get into your dog's eyes.

What Other Dog Parents Thought About This Toy...

People who bought this product to use with their dog liked that they could choose and customize which flavors the bubbles where. They didn't like that the package recommends getting rid of the bubbles after a single use because they don't store well once flavors get added.

Things We Liked

  • Able to choose your flavors
  • Safe and non-toxic makeup
  • Get four bottles of bubble solution with each order

Things We Didn't Like

  • Bottles are single use only
  • Can be very sticky and leave a residue
  • Has a slightly odd taste that may cause your dog to lose interest

4. Pet Qwerks Doggy Incredibubbbles Peanut Butter Flavor

Pet Qwerks Doggy Incredibubbles Peanut Butter Flavor

Pet Qwerks' peanut butter flavored bubbles comes in a large container that is see-through to allow you to quickly and easily gauge how much bubble solution you have left. These bubbles come designed to stay intact and whole as they float through the air and land on the floor.

They have a formula that is safe and non-toxic for your dog to ingest as they run around, bite, and catch the bubbles. These bubbles are more durable, but you'll also get smaller bubbles instead of very large ones when you use this product.

They're safe for people or dogs with allergies as well because these bubbles don't contain actual peanuts or a peanut extract. The want for blowing bubbles is long and flexible enough to reach the bottom of the bubble container and easily blow bubbles for hours of entertainment.

What Other Dog Parents Thought About This Toy...

Dog owners who bought these bubbles for their furry friends liked that it came already flavored with a peanut butter taste to attract their dogs. Dog owners did mention that these bubbles can leave a sticky film or residue when they pop or sit on surfaces for too long.

Things We Liked

  • Comes infused with peanut butter flavoring
  • Bubbles don't pop when they hit the ground
  • Container is clear and easy to monitor bubble solution levels

Things We Didn't Like

  • Bubbles can leave a sticky residue
  • May be too small for larger dogs
  • Bubble don't float as far as other products

Our Top Dog Bubbles Pick

Our pick for the best dog safe bubbles is Bubbletastic Bottle of Bacon Bubble Solution because you get a large amount of bacon-scented bubble solution in a single order. You get a gentle formula that is safe to get on your dog's face or in there eyes without causing pain.

We were happy that it came with a slightly larger bubble want that helped us to blow larger bubbles for our dogs to play with and enjoy. Finally, the safe and non-toxic formula was very important to us because we didn't have to worry about our dogs getting sick from playing with it.

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