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West Paw Salsa

Lots of fun to pull, stretch and shake around!

Dogs go crazy for this unique dog toy. We're not kidding - just take a look at the customer reviews below (and this is just a mere sampling. The Salsa and Baby Salsa dog toys is a HUGE doggie favoirite.) Dogs can pull, stretch tug, shake and squeak it! Lots of playtime fun for Fido! And if Salsa gets dirty, no problem...he's machine washable!

We love West Paw's Salsa dog toy for two reasons: 1) Dog's just go crazy for this guy. He's fun to pull, tug, squeak and chew! 2) He's easy to clean. Just toss Salsa into the washing machine and he comes out nice and clean...ready for another round of play!

Dogs love the lush feel of the Salsa dog toy when they're tugging, pulling, stretching and shaking this ultra cool,ultra fun, crazy dog toy! All dog owners love it when they bring home a unique dog toy and their pooch goes absolutely crazy for it. A good dog toy gives a dog loads of enjoyment and gives the dog owner plenty of smiles and satisfaction in watching their 4-legged friend have so much fun!

This popular active dog toy adds some kick to playtime with long, floppy arms that beg to be shaken, swung and tugged. With a squeaker in one arm and another sewn into the center, Salsa is an energetic squeaky dog toy that also offers a soft, furry shoulder to rest on when the day’s done.  Don't let the soft, furry fabric fool you - this is one strong fabric dog toy! 

And...you're gonna love this: Salsa is made in the good old U.S.A. Montana to be exact. So you can rest assured that the Salsa dog toy is made with high-quality, safe materials just perfect for any dog-toy-loving pooch!

The West Paw Salsa Dog Toy Comes in 2 Sizes!

  • Small (Baby Salsa): 12"
  • Large: 17"

The West Paw Design Salsa is available in 3 different colors: lime green, turquoise blue and lemon yellow.


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What customers are saying about the West Paw Design Salsa Dog Toy:

BEST dog toy EVER

"This toy is the love of my 9 year old Papillon's life. I bought several backups because she loves it so much." - By: Anonymous - Denver, CO

Totally awesome

"This is the best toy ever! It is the only toy that interests our special needs boxer mix rescue dog. Our other dog (30 lb. mixed breed: Sheltie/Corgi/Papillon who knows)loves this toy. It is the only toy she has not destroyed in a couple of hours. They have lasted months and are still going strong. Even when the squeakers go, she still loves this toy. She loves playing tug with them, loves the squeakers, and she cuddles with it and suckles it too. She carries at least one with her up and down the stairs and we keep one in the car for her too. Do not ever stop making this toy -- it is the best ever and our dogs would be crushed if they did not have their Salsa toys." - Katie and Hildie - Colorado

Insanely great dog toy

"I got Salsa in bright yellow for my daughter's lab. She (the lab, not my daughter) loves it, and spends hours shaking and chewing on Salsa. Seems like the toy is just the right "mouth feel" for a dog to enjoy "killing" it over and over again. Sounds a mite sick, I suppose, but I'm not a dog. Anyway, thanks for making an insanely great dog toy that made one dog very happy..." - Anonymous, Salida, CO

My dogs favorite toy!!

"My 3 year old corgi just loves this toy. For his 3rd birthday a co-worker of mine got it for him. This night he just could not stop playing with it, between sitting a just squeaking it to throwing it all over the house it quickly became his favorite toy. And when he would not share it with our other dog we knew we had to get another, so my other now has a pink one he got for easter and they just love playing with them together." - Anonymous - CT


great toy

"My two dogs love this toy so much we had to buy 2. They drag them around everywhere and the toy is twice their size. Great entertainment!" - Anonymous - Indianapolis, IN

$19.95 USD