Wacky Worm has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 4 reviews.

Wacky Worm

For Quiet Fun: The stuffingless, squeakerless Wacky Worm Dog Toy!

Pull, tug…wiggle! The Wacky Worm dog toy combines all the aspects of a tug into one great dog toy! The soft corduroy material is securely sewn around an elastic band, allowing lots of stretch for hours of interactive play. The Wacky Worm dog will quickly wiggle his way into your dog’s heart!

Hey, just because the Wacky Worm dog toy doesn't have a squeaker or stuffing doesn't mean that it's not any fun! The West Paw Wacky Worm dog toy has an elastic in the middle so that it stretches loooooong - great for pulling and tugging! Plus, no stuffing inside means that it's a safe dog toy, with no worries of your dog eating the stuffing inside.

The Wacky Worm Measures 20”. Made in Montana, USA.

Wacky Worm is one of the few Dog Toys that does not have a Squeaker - Perfect for those dog owners that enjoy quiet fun!

What customers are saying about the Wacky Worm Dog Toy:

"i have two beagle girls that can play with this toy all night long. they just play tug of war for hours. once the little one wins (and she always does) she just gnaws on it the rest of the night like a teething toy. it's a very durable toy and i highly recommend it."
    - Anonymous

"This is a great interactive toy. I knew right away the eyes would be first to go, and they were. My two year old Labrador started prancing around with it and then started quietly chewing out the eyes. he loves playing with it and will bring it over to play tug-a-war. It has withstood more than I thought it would considering he demolishes all the soft toys we give him."

    - Anonymous, California

"First toy that survived my best friends dog who is an American Eskimo! Eyes came off but the rest; still intact and she loves it."

    - Pamela, Michigan

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