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  • Busy Buddy Twist N Treat

Busy Buddy Twist N Treat

The first and only 2-piece adjustable treat dispensing dog toy!

This interactive dog treat dispenser keeps dogs entertained for hours! Difficulty of getting the treats out is adjustable, to make it fun for all dogs!

Premier Pet's Twist 'N Treat is a favorite amongst treat-loving dogs and let's face it, what dog doesn't like dog treats? But, what makes the Twist and Treat dog treat toy so doggone genius is that a dog has to work a little to earn those coveted tasty treats. It's the perfect dog toy for dogs home alone - the Twist 'N Treat is designed to keep dogs engaged for long periods of time. Thus, preventing the ever-dreaded "Doggie Boredom" syndrome! 

The amount and difficulty of treat dispersal is adjustable to suit the ability and interest of the dog. When you first show your dog the Twist 'N Treat, we suggest leaving a large hole in the opening, so that your dog can "win" the game. Then, once your dog knows how great this dog toy is, you can make it more difficult. It's amazing how long dogs will spend knocking and rolling this interactive dog toy around to get the dog treats out. But, then again, dogs do love their treats! The Twist 'N Treat treat-dispensing dog toy is made out of high-quality rubber, however, it is not recommended for dogs who are strong chewers.

What Size Twist 'N Treat Is Right For Your Dog?


                                                    Twist 'N Treat Size         Dog Weight       Breed size recommendations


10 - 20 lbs

Miniatures, Terriers, etc.


20 - 50 lbs

Beagles, Shelties, Spaniels, etc.


> 50 lbs

Labs, Goldens, Rotties, etc.

See The Busy Buddy Twist 'N Treat Dog Toy in Action:


Need Tasty Dog Treats Perfectly-Sized for the Twist 'N Treat?

little dog treats

Buddy-Ohs! are perfectly-sized dog treats for your pooch to use with his/her favorite treat toys. They work great with the Twist N Treat dog treat toy.

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Twist 'N Treat


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