Babble Ball - Large 3 1/8 " has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 4 reviews.

Babble Ball - Large 3 1/8 "

Introducing the new generation of the ever-popular  Babble Ball talking dog toy!

The newest Talking Babble Ball dog toy features durable high impact ABS construction, triple the sounds, improved sound quality and replaceable batteries! So, how do you know if your Babble Ball is the newest one with all the best features? It's easy to tell...just look for the blue color! Rest assured, only sells the latest generation of the Pet Qwerks Babble Ball talking dog toy.

Dogs are never lonely when the Talking Babble Ball is in the house!

The Babble Ball is a unique talking dog toy that features a human voice saying over 20 silly words and phrases. The Talking Babble Ball talks whenever your dog moves it or is even close enough to breath on it or walk past it. Pets love the sound of a human voice, especially when they are home alone. Pets think it's actually alive! That's why the Large Talking Babble Ball is one of the most popular interactive dog toys! When play is finished, the Babble Ball automatically turns off and waits to be touched again.

Babble Ball Talking Dog Toy is a great boredom-busting dog toy for dogs home alone. The sound of a human voice keeps them company and the interactive nature of the dog toy keeps them playing!

Babble Ball - Large

$14.95 USD