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Spring Chicken

Whether your dog is a spring chicken or has been around the block, these adorable, squeaky dog toys will surely make your dog feel like a puppy again.  These bright-colored, squeaky dog toys will add endless fun to your pet’s day.

The Spring Chicken dog toys are made with a long-lasting squeaker, and were designed to entertain your pooch for hours!

Don't let the soft, furry fabric fool you - this is one strong fabric dog toy! Available in three bright colors, Turquoise, Lemon and Hot Pink. Measures 10”. Made in the USA.

Here's What Dog Owners Have To Say About The Spring Chicken Dog Toy:

"I bought blue Spring Chicken for my friend's new puppy.
When she gave it to him he just absolutely LOVED it!! In fact the other dog she has, also loved it so much she kept taking it away from the puppy, so I had to go back online and buy the yellow Spring Chicken for the other dog! This is a great toy, something about the fur that they both seemed to really like! Would way recommend for a dog of any size!! Plus we really liked the fact that it was made in the U.S.A!! :)

        - Laura, Washington

"One of the best dog toys ever! This toy is one of my Chihuahua's favorites. It is about the same size as he is, and he LOVES it!!! He likes to pull the fuzzy "hair" on it which has remarkably stayed on the chicken. He bites the beak and the feet. He wrestles the chicken and cuddles with it. He even tosses it around and retrieves it. Today, he figured out how to fit his tiny mouth around one of its two squeakers, and he was thrilled. This toy is awesome."

        - Jackie and Micah, North Carolina

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