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Ruff Dawg Ruff Tools

The weekend — you want to relax, he wants to work. Now you know why. RuffTools are rugged, indestructible tool-shaped tough dog chew toys, gentle on teeth and gums and ideal for dogs of all sizes. Whether you’re in the yard or at the site, your dog will go wherever his tools are.

All Ruff Tools are tough dog chew toys made from 100% superior rubber. Measurements are: 

The Wrench: 9" Long, 0.5" Wide
The Paint Brush: 8.5" Long, 0.5" Wide
The Hammer: 9.5" Long, 2.5" Wide

All Ruff Dawg products are:

— Great for dogs of any size
— Retrieving or pull toys
— Rugged and bendable
— Tear and puncture resistant
— Gentle on teeth and gums
— Available in different colors
— Non-toxic
— Made in the USA

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$21.95 USD