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Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid

Unique weighted design always up-rights the Dog Pyramid to the vertical position

A weighted bottom makes this treat game even more fun, because it always pops back up to its vertical position. Fill the Dog Pyramid up with dog treats and watch as your dog has a blast trying to get the treats out.

Nina Ottosson does it again! Another creative and successful interactive dog toy that dogs love. The Dog Pyramid is a clever treat puzzle where dogs must move it around with their paws or noses in order to make the treats fall out. Since the Dog Pyramid is weighted at the bottom, it makes the game even more fun as it will always pop back up to the upright position. But, as the Dog Pyramid wobbles back and forth, it spills out some of the dog treats hidden inside. You can use small kibble or treats - just put them inside the Dog Pyramid and then watch as your dog has a a blast trying to get the treats out!

A fun way to keep doggie boredom far, far away!

The Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid treat game is a fun way to have fun and bond with your dog. You'll be so proud of your beaming pooch after the game is "won"! As an interactive dog toy, the Dog Pyramid encourages your dog to play, as your dog has to get involved in order for the delicious dog treats to come out.

You can also make the game harder or easier by choosing the size of the treats. Smaller pieces are easier, and bigger pieces make the game more difficult.

Be sure not to let your dog bite the Dog Pyramid. It is only to be used under supervision for approximately 15-30 minutes at a time. When the dog has emptied all the treats from the Dog Pyramid, it's time to put the game away until next time. The Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid is made from Non-Toxic, recycled plastic and is safe for dogs!

Watch the Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid in Action!

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Dog Pyramid

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