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  • Mighty Dog Toys Clucky Chick 9 "

Mighty Dog Toys Clucky Chick 9 "

A soft dog toy that's are MIGHTY strong!

For soft-dog-toy-loving dogs, Clucky Chick is a favorite! She has lots of bright colors and she's a real treat to chew on. But, best, of all, she's built extra strong and extra tough! Mighty Dog Toys Chicken has 4 layers of stitching and 2 layers of fabric. Plus, there are no hard edges on this toy.

Not all dogs like chewing on hard rubber or plastic dog toys. They just don't like the feel of them on their teeth and gums. For these finicky pooches, hard dog toys will just be ignored while anything soft and squishy will be hunted and (most likely) destroyed.

Finally! A soft stuffed animal that was built with dogs in mind

That's why the clever folks over at Mighty Dog Toys came up with the idea to design and manufacturer soft dog toys that were built strong with extra layers of fabric and stitching. Genius, eh?

Now, while Mighty dog toys are 
tough soft dog toys, they are not indestructible. Mighty Dog Toys Clucky Chick Large measures 9 " x 4 " x 8 " .

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(Tuffy's has the same manufacturer as Mighty Dog Toys but Tuffy's Dog Toys are made even stronger than MIghty Dog Toys - with some having 7 layers of stitching and 7 layers of fabric. Tuffy's are still soft dog toys, however, they're not as soft as Mighty Dog Toys.) 

Clucky Chick

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