Mighty Dog Toys Cat - Ginger McFluff 14 " has a rating of 5 stars based on 1 reviews.

Mighty Dog Toys Cat - Ginger McFluff 14 "

The Purrrfect Dog Toy for Tough Dogs Who Prefer Soft Dog Toys!

For some dogs, there's just nothing like the feel of a soft, stuffed animal in their mouth and on their teeth. The problem is, ordinary stuffed animals are built for babies, not dogs! It's no wonder dogs can tear those stuffed toys apart in just a few minutes! That's why Mighty Dog Toys decided to design a stuffed animal that was made only for dogs - dogs that like to chew, bite and tug! This is one tough chew toy and it's built to last! There's no doubt this Mighty Dog Toy will quickly become your dog's favorite chew toy...and you might even see him cuddle up with Ginger McFluff for an afternoon nap!

Made with 4 Rows of Stitching and 2 Layers of Fabric - Yet Still Fuzzy Soft!

Who said the best chew toys had to be made out of hard rubber, nylon or plastic? Mighty Dog Toys rethinks the way we think of dog toys because not all dogs enjoy biting hard chew toys. Even big, tough dogs like something soft and cushy to sink their teeth into. Mighty Dog Toys makes this easy with 4 rows of stitching and 2 layers of material! Now that's one tough stuffed animal! Another thing that makes a difference in soft-dog-toy-preferring dogs is the fact that the Mighty Dog Toys Cat doesn't have any hard edges. This makes for a real enjoyable chew and doesn't hurt a dog's teeth or gums. Ginger McFluff measures 14 " x 4 " x 12 " .

Now, while Mighty dog toys are tough soft dog toys, they are not indestructible.


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(Tuffy's has the same manufacturer as Mighty Dog Toys but Tuffy's Dog Toys are made even stronger than MIghty Dog Toys - with some having 7 layers of stitching and 7 layers of fabric. Tuffy's are still soft dog toys, however, they're not as soft as Mighty Dog Toys.) 

Ginger McFluff

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