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Three Different Sized Balls ... All Safe For Your Dog's Teeth!

The West Paw Design Jive is proudly made in America from the super-durable Zogoflex material. Which is a non-toxic, safe material that is both tough yet bendable. And, dogs LOVE it. Here at ActiveDogToys, we think that Zogoflex is the best dog toy material - because it's safe for dogs and really tough. Even super chewers find it hard to destroy dog toys made from Zogoflex. And the Jive dog ball is no exception! The Westpaw Jive comes in three different sizes: mini 2", small 2.6" (about the size of a tennis ball and works in all tennis ball toys), large 3.25".  In addition, the Jive dog ball is available in 3 different colors: granny smith green, tangerine orange, and aqua blue.

What's really great about the Jive safe dog ball is that the small-sized Jive is about the size of a regular tennis ball and it works perfectly in tennis ball launchers - including the Fetchtastic automatic fetch machine, Hyper 4-ball launcherHyper 2-ball launcher, and Tennis Dog. Regular tennis balls can wear the enamel down on dogs' teeth, but you don't have to worry about that with the Huck! The mini Jive ball is about the size of a mini tennis ball - perfect for small dogs!

The Jive Dog Ball Bounces, Floats and is One Tough Chew Toy!

For dogs who love to chew and fetch (what dog doesn't) the Jive ball should be a dog toy requirement. It's one of the toughest dog toys around and because it's made from Zogoflex it's hard but soft. And that feels really good to a dog when he/she is chewing. Plus, when it's time for a game of fetch, Westpaw Jive is ready too - wait till you see how far it can be thrown - and then it bounces around too. Really fun! 

Going for a fun day at the beach or pool? Be sure to bring the West Paw JIve with you because this dog toy is waterproof and it floats too. So, you can imagine how much fun dogs have with this dog toy in the water!

Is the West Paw JIve dishwasher safe?

Yes, all Zogoflex® dog toys are! Just throw it in the top shelf of your dishwasher and your Zogoflex toy will come out clean and looking like new!

Here's What Customers Are Saying About the Jive Dog Ball:

Jive Ball

"This ball is AWESOME.. We wanted something that would last & be healthy for our kids.
The Jive ball is just that they both spend time chewing & playing hard with the Jive ball as well as the Huck ball. My Vet has noticed that both dogs teeth are not being worn down from the tinnis ball fuzz. And the Tarter is also down from the past ball playing session.  The Jive ball fits the Chuckit really well and it is not hard to spend HOURS tossing it for the kids.  We as parents; love that this is a health ball, and that it is also made in the USA." - Maggie & Niko's Mom - Sacramento, CA

This ball is fantastic!

"This ball is fantastic! My chocolate lab puppy can tear up a toy within minutes to one day, if it's lucky to make it that long. This ball has no markings or anything!" - Anonymous

Actually Indestructible!

By: Furio Di'Ferro - Detroit Jul 22, 2012

"I bought a large Jive ball for my two year old Italian Mastiff (Cane Corso). After two weeks of heavy chewing on it he has been unable to harm it more than a few scratches on the surface. To date he has destroyed every toy that we've tried with him, countless so called "indestructible" toys were destroyed in minutes.  I don't think any dog can damage this thing, if there is, I want to see it. Its made from a super solid rubber but still flexible to have a decent bounce, it takes very little force to bounce it high enough to return to your hand." - Furio Di'Ferro, Detroit, MI

Tough Mudder

"Everything else gets chewed up in seconds, but not the Jive Ball. Our mutt loves it and it has become the outside play toy. We've had it for about a week now and there aren't even teeth marks." - Anonymous, Indianapolis, IN

$8.95 USD