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Green Mini Feeder

As seen on the NBC Today Show! Matt Lauer LOVES it!

** For clarification, on the Today Show, they mistakenly showed a purple feeder - this is actually the model called the Catch and it is made for cats. (The small green feeder is actually a light green color - the one sold here.)

   = small & medium dogs  

Now the ever-popular Green Interactive dog food bowl comes in a smaller size, designed for smaller breeds and puppies. Just like the original Green Feeder Slow Food Bowl, the Mini Green Feeder bowl looks likes blades of grass that a dog has to forage through to find the bits and pieces of kibble scattered throughout. The reason behind the Green Mini Feeder bowl is simple: Slow down a dog's eating time and you will have a healthier dog. 

Most dogs like to wolf their food down in mere seconds, leading to bloating, burping, gas and even more serious and fatal problems. It's important to encourage a dog to eat slowly and the Mini Green Feeder does that without even trying. It's impossible for dogs to gorge while eating with the Green Feeder Mini Bowl. 

Plus, the Mini Green Feeder can also be used as a fun way for dogs to earn treats. Rather than just handing over the treat, sprinkle some tiny treats or kibble throughout the Mini Green Feeder for some added stimulation. Fun!

The Mini Green Feeder dog food bowl measures 11.4" x 8.9".

$14.99 USD