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  • Egg Babies Platypus
  • Egg Babies Platypus
  • Egg Babies Platypus

Egg Babies Platypus

Hidden eggs in these babies result in long-lasting fun

Dogs learn to remove hidden squeaker eggs without destroying the toy!

Our cute Egg Babies Platypus plush dog puzzle was inspired by real egg-laying creatures.  For retrievers and other dogs who love chasing balls, recovering these platypus “eggs” from the platypus dog puzzle provides an exciting instinctual thrill. The 3 squeaker eggs are tightly packed inside the dinosaur's reinforced belly, and are removed from a single slit underneath. You can put the eggs back in again and again for long-lasting fun. Two additional replacement eggs are included (it comes with 5 eggs total).

The Egg Babies Platypus dog puzzle measures 6" x 5" x 12". The squeaker eggs each measure approximately 2.5" in diameter.

See What the Egg Babies Platypus Dog Puzzle Game is All About:



This dog puzzle exercises a dog’s natural instinct to search, stalk and capture its prey. The plush eggs squeak for added fun and can be replaced over and over again for endless entertainment and fun!

We recommend only letting your dog play with this dog puzzle if you are there to supervise. Otherwise, your dog may decide to treat the dog puzzle as a chew toy and ruin the dog toy.

$19.95 USD