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Christmas Climbing Rope Dog Leash

Our Red and Green Climbing Rope Dog Leash Looks Great All Year Round - But Especially During the Howlidays!

All of our dog leashes are handcrafted in the USA from authentic rock climbing rope. Our leashes are light weight, high strength and hard wearing.

Rock climbing rope is designed to absorb the energy of a falling climber giving it many qualities that also make it the perfect dog leash.

** Stretches to reduce the force experienced by a climber which you will appreciate when your dog tries to follow a racing squirrel.

** Lightweight and built to last so you and your dog will not be able to break this leash.

** Round rope is soft in your hands, flexible and will not knot up like many other types of leashes.


Hook - Select Heavy Duty Swivel Eye Hook

Rope Diameter - 8.4mm

Climbing Rope Manufacturer - BlueWater Rope made in the USA

$28.95 USD