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Chicken Diapers

Chicken Diapers are a Huge Hit With Chicken Owners!

With a Chicken (or Duck) Diaper, your chicken or duck can now be a house pet and mingle with the family! Chicken Diapers are extremely easy to put on chickens and easy to wash too. Chickens made great pets but their gentle nature combined with chicken diapers allows for them to become a member of the family and hang out on the couch and watch a movie with the rest of you! A variety of colors and styles - please let us choose. To choose a size, simply measure from the base of the neck, across the back and to the vent to come up with the size you'll need.

  • Chicken diapers allow you to bring your chickens indoors for a while
  • ** Assorted colors and styles - please let us choose**
  • Reusable and washable
  • Made in the USA

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Chicken Diapers:

A Diaper Designed By Experts
"I wasn't sure if an All-in-one diaper, a pocket diaper, or perhaps just a basic pre-fold and diaper cover would work best for my chicken and I must say that I am glad I left it to the experts and ordered this particular diaper, designed specifically for chickens by chicken experts. We have far fewer leaks and blow outs as a result. Thank you."
        -Amanda Rose

Just What I've Been Looking For!
"My 3 year old has been asking me for many months if she could bring the chickens inside to watch Dora with her. Since the shipping is a little costly to buy 2 diapers for both of our chickens, I decided to buy one XXL and let them share one. Works great, thanks!"

Great News!!!
"I have been having a really difficult time trying to convince my husband to let me get some backyard chickens. He can't stand anything that makes a mess. As soon as I show him this amazing item I am sure to be allowed to buy my beloved chickens! Thank you so much!!"

A Godsend
"We have been looking for something like this for a long time. Now my husband can carry his girl on his shoulder without having to worry about accidents. She is so happy, she loves hanging out with him :). My son is so excited too, now his favorite chicken can sleep on his bed with him at night. Thank you for bringing so much happiness to our family."

How to Choose The Right Size Chicken Diaper For Your Chicken (or Duck)

Chicken Diaper Sizes:

Small: 5"- 6" (bantam size)
Regular: 6" - 12"
Extra Large: 13" - 19"

Wondering How to Put a Chicken Diaper on Your Chicken? Here's How:


** Please note that each chicken diaper is handmade by one of our vendors. Please allow up to one week to ship. Thank you.


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