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Busy Buddy Chuckle

Entertaining treat-dispensing chew toy keeps dogs busy while you're away or at work.

Premier Pet's Busy Buddy Chuckle is made of tough and durable rubber that is safe for dogs and keeps them busy for hours. The Chuckle is a favorite treat dispenser among dogs and dog owners.  It's the perfect boredom-busting dog toy!  The Busy Buddy Chuckle can be filled with kibble or treats and the prongs can be adjusted to make getting the dog treats out easier or harder for your dog. The Chuckle dog treat dispenser is a great interactive dog toy to leave your dog with at home while you're away. It'll help keep your dog entertained and engaged so that he's not bored or lonely at home.

A fun treat dispenser that makes funky noises when your dog shakes it!

Just fill the Chuckle dog treat toy with your dog's favorite kibble or treats and then watch as your dog amuses himself by trying to get the treats out! The funny noises the Chuckle makes when your dog rolls or shakes it keeps him interested in the toy longer. This interactive dog toy is a dog favorite for sure! And it doubles as a tough chew toy - even for the most serious chewers!

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Chuckle dog treat toy

$12.95 USD