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Buster Food Cube

Made of tough, durable plastic, the Buster Food Cube provides valuable mental stimulation and exercise. Your dog is rewarded when treats and food fall out...and you can vary how easily they fall out with a simple twist.

Dogs love to forage for their food and the Buster Food Cube dog puzzle provides a realistic foraging experience. No more "free lunches"...dogs have to work for their food and, in the process, gain healthy mental/physical stimulation and slower feeding, which results in better digestion and absorption of food nutrients.

  • Made of tough, durable plastic
  • Your dog is rewarded when dog treats and food fall out
  • Assorted Colors

The Buster Cube dog game comes in two sizes: Small 3" and Large 5".

Need Tasty Dog Treats Perfectly-Sized for the Buster Food Cube? 

$24.95 USD