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  • Blinky X-Tire Ball
  • Blinky X-Tire Ball

Blinky X-Tire Ball

This Durable Chew Toy is Tough Enough For Super Chewers!

The perfect interactive dog toy!  Dogs really LOVE this boredom-busting, fun, glow-in-the-dark dog toy. The X-Tire Blinky Ball  is exactly what your dog has been dreaming about - a tough chew toy that is fun to play with too! It sure makes a game of night fetch a whole lot of fun! Dogs love chasing after that flashing light - day or night! Plus, the flashing lights keep dogs engaged in play for longer periods of time!

It's the perfect boredom-busting dog toy!

The X-Tire Blinky Ball is easy for dogs to carry and it starts to blink anytime they drop it or move it around. So, it really encourages your dog to play and keep playing. Keeping doggie boredom far, far, away.  Dogs really love that this toy flashes and glows in the dark too! It really keeps their attention and interest! Of course, it's fun to chew on the rubber sides too and rubber sides are from one mold, so there's no worry that the toy is going to break off in pieces when your dog is chewing it! Includes long-lasting, replaceable batteries.

Dogs LOVE this fun and interactive dog toy!

The Blinky X-Tire Ball for dogs comes in two sizes: 3.5" and 5".

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X-Tire Blinky Ball


$12.95 USD