Dog Toys Made in the USA

Why Buy Dog Toys Made in the USA?


Dog Toys made in the U.S.A. are not only tough and durable, they're dog toys that were manufactured right here in America! USA made dog toys are not imported dog toys, they are produced by American companies who design and manufacture dog toys. A great way to help boost our American economy, while giving dogs the fun and interactive dog toys they crave! And, yes, the Fetchtastic dog ball thrower for dogs is proudly made in the U.S.A along with all of these Made in America Dog Toys.

In addition, all of our high quality, environmentally friendly dog beds and dog mats are made in the USA. 

We know our customers love dog toys that are made in America because we receive an enormous amount of emails and phone calls asking about our USA dog toy selection. We are continuing to expand our selection and are constantly on the lookout for new dog toys that are made right here in America. If you know of any American-made dog toys that we don't have but you think we should, we'd love to know about them. Just email us at