Interactive Dog Toys

Lately, there's been a lot of buzz in the dog toy industry about interactive dog toys. Hmm, still wondering what interactive dog toys are and how they differ from just plain old dog toys? Well, interactive dog toys are fun dog toys that either engage your dog in a new and exciting way or toys that allow you to play right along with your dog. Basically, interactive dog toys are toys that interact with your dog, rather than requiring your dog to do all the work to get the dog toy to do something.

A great example of an interactive dog toy are those dog bubble machines that blow bacon bubbles for your dog to fetch. Or, a dog bubble shooter that allows the dog owner to automatically blow scented bubbles for their dog to pop.  More examples are tennis ball launchers that allow owner and dog to play together. The dog owner is the one using the launcher to throw tennis balls far off in the distance and their dog happily runs to retrieve the tennis balls.

Interactive dog toys are not only more fun for dogs, they are also more stimulating and engaging, which keeps dogs playing (and exercising) longer. For the interactive dog toys that involve the dog owner as well, they promote bonding as the dog owner and dog are playing and having fun together.