Canine Cooler FAQs

 How does the Canine Cooler dog mat work?

This cooling aid uses SoothSoft® Comfort Technology to provide cooling without using electricity or refrigeration. By combining the right materials and an ingenious design, the Canine Cooler stays at room temperature which is always cooler than your pet's body. It absorbs heat from your pet's body and releases it into the air. The Canine Cooler dog bed is meant to be pleasantly cool, but not cold because cold is uncomfortable to our pets' bodies.

What does the Canine Cooler feel like?

It was designed with comfort in mind, so the Canine Cooler dog bed feels like cool, soft glove leather. It is a very soothing, relaxing, and has a soft comforting feeling.

Is it supposed to be cool all the time?

One important thing is to let the air get to it. Keep it in the coolest area of your home, never in direct sunlight or near a heat source. If you want it even cooler, you may put your Canine Cooler bed in the refrigerator for 15-30 minutes. This makes Canine Cooler super cooler. NEVER put it in the freezer - that will damage the material and void your warranty! Remember, following the activation instructions carefully and maintaining the vacuum by removing all air once a month will ensure that the Canine Cooler gives you maximum performance for years. Keep out of direct sunlight.

How do I make it the coolest it can be?

The Canine Cooler was designed to help cool your pets. After an active day, when your pet's metabolism is high and its hot, the Canine Cooler is cool and refreshing. But by the end of the day, the Canine Cooler will be only slightly cool or tepid which is exactly what your pet's body needs. When the temperature rises, the Canine Cooler can accumulate heat and feel warmer. The Canine Cooler loses any accumulated heat so, when not in use, it's ready when your pet needs its coolness once again. There is no maintenance required, except sweeping any accumulated air out once per month. It takes just a couple of minutes and restores the vacuum that maintains coolness.

How do I keep it in place?

The Canine Cooler dog bed sits easily on a carpet, vinyl flooring, or in your pet's favourite resting place. The weight of the water absorbed into its core will keep it in place during use.

The Inside of my Canine Cooler has bunched up. What can I do to fix it and why has this happened?

The core of the Canine Cooler can from time to time bunch up if the vacuum in-side is not great enough (ie. there is to much air). To fix the problem, undo the stopper and allow air to enter, If possible blow into the Canine Cooler as if blowing up a balloon, this will make it much easier to reposition the inner core by holding one corner with your finger while moving and gently shaking the Canine Cooler to reposition the core to its correct position.

Can I drain my Canine Cooler of water for travelling and do I ever have to add more water?

The Canine Cooler has been designed for activation using only ordinary tap water and should not really be drained after this process is complete. However, if you really must remove the water you can gently empty as much as you can from the Canine Cooler into a measuring jug and reactivate by adding the same volume of water taken out back into the Canine Cooler. To complete the process brush the air out from the Canine Cooler as before and leave for 1 hour before using. This is the only way to refill a Canine Cooler as the specialist core once activated will always hold on to some of the water and so make any future filling difficult to judge.

What is the size of the Canine Cooler?

Small: 18 inches (47.7 cm) x 24 inches (61cm)

Medium: 24 inches (61 cm) x 36 inches (91.4 cm)

Can I use the Canine Cooler outside?

Yes and no. The product is not meant to be used in direct sunlight because sun may discolour the Canine Cooler but won't damage it otherwise. However, direct sunlight will heat it up. If used outside, on a lawn chair for example, cover it with your t-shirt or a thin cloth to protect it from the sun but let the cooling come through. It'll keep you cool for an hour or so, and then let it recharge in the house at room temperature.

I lost my instructions, can I get another copy?

Yes, just click on the following links and download a copy. You will need the Adobe Reader. If you don't have it you can download it now by clicking the icon below.

Click for Canine Cooler instructions

How can I keep my Canine Cooler Clean and Fresh?

The canine Cooler can be cleaned by wiping down with warm, soapy water. 

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