Dog Bed Parts Help

Ordering additional pet bed parts from us is a snap... if you know what you need. Here's a clever little cheat sheet that shows every part of each bed. Some dog beds are only made up of two parts (a cover and an insert pillow), while others (bumper beds) actually have four parts that are needed to make up one bed. Whether you need a replacement bed part, or you would like to purchase additional parts, simply find the bed below and then click to the "part" you need:

Tuckered Out pet bed

The Tuckered Out® includes two parts:

  1. Insert Pillow
  2. Cover
West Paw Tuckered Out parts

Bumper Bed pet bed

The Bumper Bed® includes four parts:


Organic Bumper bed

The Organic Bumper Bed® is very similar to the standard Bumper Bed.  It has four parts, and the insert pillow and bolster are the same as the Bumper Bed, but the covers are made from Organic Cotton:
west paw organic bumper bed parts
The Eco Drop™ is made up of two bed parts:
west paw eco drop bed parts