Tuffy's and Mighty Dog Toys

For the toughest soft dog toys around, dog owners know that Tuffy's and Mighty dog toys are the ones to get. With extra fabric and stitching layers, these soft dog toys are different - they aren't your usual stuffed dog toys!

Tuffy dog toys are the toughest, with the Tuffy Mega Ring, being the ultimate in toughness. And Mighty dog toys are still tougher than average stuffed dog toys, but they're softer and more cuddly than Tuffy's dog toys. 

So, check out the Tuffy's dog toy toughness scale to see how the Tuffy's Tuff Scale rating works and then check out all Tuffy dog toys and Mighty dog toys and see which tough soft dog toy is best for your dog.

Tuffys Mega Ring 13"Tuffys Mega Ring 13"$19.99 Tuffys Gary Gator 18"Tuffys Gary Gator 18"$14.95 Tuffys Octopus Lil Oscar - Small 12"Tuffys Octopus Lil Oscar - Small 12"$18.95 Tuffys Polly PiggyTuffys Polly Piggy$18.95
Tuffys Fire Alien Admiral O Fury 12"Tuffys Fire Alien Admiral O Fury 12"$18.95 Tuffys Scorch Scorpion 16"Tuffys Scorch Scorpion 16"$18.95 Tuffys Shack the Shark 16"Tuffys Shack the Shark 16"$13.95 Tuffys Bevo the BullsaleTuffys Bevo the Bull$12.95
Tuffys Ultimate Bone - 12.5"Tuffys Ultimate Bone - 12.5"$11.95 Mighty Dog Toys Clucky Chick 9 "saleMighty Dog Toys Clucky Chick 9 "$11.95 Mighty Dog Toys Cat - Ginger McFluff 14 "Mighty Dog Toys Cat - Ginger McFluff 14 "$11.95 Mighty Drake McQuackMighty Drake McQuack$14.95
Tuffys Ultimate Gear RingTuffys Ultimate Gear Ring$14.95 Mighty Dog Toys MermaidMighty Dog Toys Mermaid$16.95 Mighty Tequila WormMighty Tequila Worm$17.95 Tuffys StarfishTuffys Starfish$8.95