These toys are perfect for sharp, little puppy teeth! All puppies go through the teething process when a pup's adult teeth come in but teething hurts! These puppy toys not only fun to play with, but they also help to relieve the pain that teething causes on a pup's gums. 

Some of these toys are made for both dogs and puppies - but just look for the Small or Extra Small size - that's for the pups!

Lil RoosterLil Rooster$12.95 Plush BonePlush Bone$8.95 Puppy PoochPuppy Pooch$8.95 Teddy for PuppyTeddy for Puppy$8.95
MingoMingo$12.95 Gingerbread ManGingerbread Man$16.95 Big Sky PuppyBig Sky Puppy$12.95 Tennis Ball Fleece TugTennis Ball Fleece Tug$19.95
Tennis Ball Tee TugTennis Ball Tee Tug$17.95 Tether TugTether Tug$10.95 West Paw HurleysaleWest Paw Hurley$10.95 Pogo Plush LadybugPogo Plush Ladybug$17.95
Spring ChickenSpring Chicken$16.95 JiveJive$8.95 West Paw SalsaWest Paw Salsa$19.95 West Paw TizziWest Paw Tizzi$14.95