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  • Animal X-Tire Ball

Animal X-Tire Ball

We bet your dog has never seen a talking dog toy like this before!

Finally, your search has ended! The X-Tire ball is a durable dog toy made with tough chewers in mind. The X-Tire Ball is actually molded from Flexi PVC as a single ball - so you don't need to worry about the pieces coming apart when Fido starts chewing on it.  Made from tough materialsto withstand even the most aggressive chewers! Dogs love chewing on the Animal X-Tire Ball dog toy because it can actually stand up to their hours of hard chewing! Plus, this talking dog toy really keeps dogs occupied!

Oh, and the Animal Noises!

Dogs never seems to tire (get it?) of the barnyard full of animal noises hidden inside that yellow babble ball!  All your dog has to do is roll, drop or move the X-Tire Ball to hear more than 20 different (and realistic) animal sounds, including: a lion, frog, dog, pigs, coyote, rooster, horse, goat, cat, cow, elephant and a variety of birds. Available in two sizes: 3.5" size and 5" size, includes replaceable batteries.

Animal X-Tire Ball

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