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Tether Tug


The Tether Tug Provides Your Dog With Hours of Entertainment...

…Even When You're Not Around!

The Tether Tug Dog Toy is Made in the USA!

The Tether Tug dog toy is the perfect match for energetic dogs! It is the ULTIMATE fetch toy that NEVER gets tired of playing with your dog! Dogs love the Tether Tug because the game is just the right amount of challenging fun! The Tether Tug pole is flexible so once your dog jumps and catches the rope he/she can pull it, tug it or shake it. And for a dog, doing this over and over again is pretty much doggie heaven. You'll love how durable and sturdy the Tether Tug is (this dog toy was made to last!) and how much exercise your dog is getting! 

One of the Best Interactive Dog Toys!

The Tether Tug dog toy was built to take a beating and keep on playing. The Tether Tug's pole flexes and bends in any direction and the base can spin 360 degrees. So, basically, you dog can have as much fun with the Tether Tug as he/she possibly can!

The Tether Tug is Easy to Set Up

Simply drive the metal base into the ground, insert the 55" Tether Tug into the base, attach a Tether Toy and your dog is ready to play! The Quick Connector allows toys to be easily changed out to fit any dog's preference.

See the Tether Tug Dog Toy in Action:

What comes in the box?

  • Durable, flexible Tether Tug pole
  • Heavy duty in-ground base
  • Knotted rope or fleece toy with quick snap attachment
  • Instructions

The Tether Tug Dog Toy Comes With Your Choice of:

  • Knotted Rope for Medium, Large or Extra Large Dogs
  • Braided Fleece for Puppies and Small Dogs

What size Tether Tug Dog Toy Should I Buy?

  • For dogs under 15 lbs - Tether Tug for Puppies and Small Dogs
  • For dogs 15 - 35 lbs - Tether Tug for Medium Dogs
  • For dogs 35- 60 lbs - Tether Tug for Large  Dogs
  • For dogs over 60 lbs OR any pit bull or strong-pulling dogs - Tether Tug for XL dogs

The Tether Tug XL is bigger and stronger and built with a thicker core. It's designed for dogs over 60 lbs or for strong pulling breeds like pit bulls, rottweilers, German shepherds, etc. If your dog is a strong puller or over 60 lbs - this is the size to get. The XL base is larger and stronger than the other Tether Tugs. 

Replacement rope and fleece toys are available for purchase separately as well.

$14.95 USD