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Rabbit Tuffy - Large

Instinctual Dog Toys Make Your Dog Feel Like a Wild Dog Again!

The Rabbit Tuffy is a unique instinctual dog toy that dogs were born to love! It's a braided fleece tug toy enhanced with real rabbit fur. Your dog will love the scent of the rabbit fur, the feel of the soft fleece, and the look of the colorful tassle. 

Yep, you're dog may feel like reverting back into the "howl at moon" stage of ancestors past after getting a hold of this instinctual dog toy with real rabbit fur woven in. It's a winner for any dog - even the ones sporting Coach dog collars and sipping bottled water. Because, even those fancy dogs are still...dogs!

Made with Real Rabbit Fur for a Scent Your Dog Can't Resist!

The Rabbit Tuffy measures 24 " x 5 " and is Made in the U.S.A. The handle of this fleece tug toy is soft and easy on your hands. It's even perfect for large dog agility training and teaching dogs to tug. We don't recommend washing the scent out of this toy. Available in assorted colors - please let us choose. 

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Rabbit Tuffy - Large

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