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  • Meteorlight Glowing Ball
  • Meteorlight Glowing Ball

Meteorlight Glowing Ball

Dogs go CRAZY for this BRIGHT, GLOWING rubber ball. About the size of a tennis ball.

There is no doubt that dogs LOVE to fetch. Call it instinctual, but dogs just can't help themselves when they see an object flying by them through the air. Well, imagine if that object was a bright, glowing rubber ball that keeps changing colors!! Yep, the Meteorlight Disc-O ball is the perfect play-fetch ball for all fetch-crazy dogs! Dogs simply get excited, go crazy and start running after it. Plus, the soft rubber material is perfect for dogs to grab and carry around - easy on their tooth enamel, unlike tennis balls or hard rubber balls. The Meteorlight is 2.55" in diameter (about the size of a tennis ball).

Glowing Rubber Fetch Ball changes colors automatically!

The Meteorlight Disc-O K-9 ball is about the size of a tennis ball - so dogs that like playing with tennis balls, are going to LOVE chasing after the Meteorlight dog ball. Perfect for that game of fetch - either during the day or at night. The Meteorlight is even waterproof so feel free to take it to the pool, lake or ocean! Dogs will have a blast looking for the colorful glow floating over the waves!

This is one really fun dog toy! Dogs love to fetch this dog ball - day or night!

The Meteorlight dog ball has an on/off button and includes batteries which are safely hidden down inside the Meteorlight ball - under a plastic covering. The Disco Meteorlight glows from a multi-colored L.E.D. which cycles through the color spectrum.

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Metorlight glowing dog ball

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