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  • Memory Sleeper Bed

Memory Sleeper Bed

Now Your Dog Can Enjoy the Benefits of Memory Foam in an Ultra-Cozy Dog Bed

The amazing benefits of a memory foam bed are well documented, with human beds selling for thousands of dollars. The Memory Sleeper dog bed is a beautiful, affordable way for all dogs to benefit from this technology. The core is thoughtfully designed for genuine memory foam comfort while giving the ultimate support for any size dog. A well deserved resting place for your favorite four-legged family member. While the Memory Sleeper dog bed is wonderful therapeutic relief for dogs with bad bones, hips or joints, it is also the ultimate in comfort for any dog. 

So Thick Your Dog Will Never "Bottom Out"

Every dog owner has, at one time or another, bought their dog a cozy-looking, puffy bed that soon after turned into a flat-as-a-pancake mat after only a few weeks. Well, our thick, Memory Sleeper bed stays thick and comfortable and with a machine washable cover - it'll always look nice and clean!

What Dog Owners Have to Say About the Memory Sleeper Dog Bed:

"This is a great dog bed. I have purchased several beds and none have been right, I wish I had found this one first. My dog just had knee surgery and she loves this bed. I thought it was a bit pricey, but it is well worth every penny."  - Eveo

"Great bed for older dog or one with health problems. Took Prissy a couple of days to try, but once she did she did not want to move."  -Battleaxe

"First the "Helpful Tips" says you need to use the product before writing a review, so last night I curled up on the dog bed and relaxed. Now this is not my bed but I found the memory foam to feel soothing and watching my dog sleep it looks like she is extremely comfortable."  -Holbrb, Columbia, CT

"We have a 3yr old bulldog with bilateral hip dysplasia, who has been limping on her rear left leg lately. Since sleeping on this bed her limp has improved significantly! She'll go into her crate and sleep on this bed throughout the day- she loves it! I was pleased to find a bed to fit her crate- most places only offer a crate pad for the size I needed and anything that makes her more comfortable is worth the money!"  -Irich, Virgina

"Our dog really loves this bed! The top layer is super soft and the cushioning is very nice."  -Catlover1974

"I am very pleased with the K & H Memory Sleeper Dog Bed and "Maggie" really likes it also.
She has orthopedic problems and it is working out good for her. Would make this purchase again."  

Quick Overview of the Memory Sleeper Dog Bed

• Recommended for indoor use
• Real memory foam comfort and benefits
• Orthopedic memory foam, great for aging pets
• So thick your pet will never "bottom out"
• Cover is removable for washing
• Available in 3 sizes and 2 colors

Memory Sleeper Dog Bed

$79.95 USD