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KidCo HearthGate

Finally, there's a way to protect children and pets from the dual hazards of heat and fire from fireplaces, wood burning stoves and barbecues, as well as the dangerous corners and hard, rough surfaces associated with hearths.

The HearthGate is the solution for layouts that do not have mounting points straight across. The standard gate fits hearths 6' wide by 2' deep. Larger fireplaces and wood burning stove areas may require additional sections.

Five interlocking sections adjust in 10 increments and can be angled or set in a straight line as needed. Included in the 5 piece basic set is a walk through section that opens in either direction with a simple one hand adult release.

The HearthGate is 29" high and constructed of strong tubular steel with a black, non-toxic, heat resistant finish that is easy to maintain and blends with any decor.

$184.95 USD