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Jitterbug Tug

Watch as your excited dog dances all around trying to catch the Jitterbug!

This interactive dog toy has a scrunched fleece "bug" at the end of a soft nylon leash and can be darted all around to entice your dog into a hilarious game of chase and tug! The leash is 1" wide and lets you toss, dangle and jolt the Jitterbug around without bending over. The Jitterbug tug is a really great toy for energetic dogs. It's one of the most engaging and interactive dog toys you'll ever find! Plus, it's made in the U.S.A.

Got a hippity hoppity poochity?

Well, this is the toy for the two of you! You'll laugh as your full-of-energy dog jumps, bounces and pounces all around trying to catch that jumpy Jitterbug! Aw, but you do have to let Fido catch it once in a while! We bet you'll end up having just as much fun playing with the Jitterbug Tug as your dog!

The total length of the Jitterbug Tug is 36" and the "bug" is approximately 6" in diameter. Assorted colors, please let us choose. The Jitterbug Tug is machine washable and resistant to rips and tears (though not indestructible). Made in the U.S.A.!

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JItterbug Tug

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