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  • Holiday Braided Fleece Tug
  • Holiday Braided Fleece Tug
  • Holiday Braided Fleece Tug

Holiday Braided Fleece Tug

Bright holiday colors, floppy fleece strips & 

a super-strong yet flexible braid - FUN!

The Holiday Braided Fleece Tug Toy is a tough dog toy that's irresistible to dogs! A fun tugging toy with a "frenzy mop", comfortable tug handle and shock-absorbing materials.

Dogs love the bright colors and floppy mop, you'll love the shock-absorbing fleece!

The Holiday Braided Fleece Tug is visual and tug-happy excitement for your dog! it! We can't blame them, as this was designed specifically to be irresistible to dogs! The perfect tug toy for you to join in on a game of tug of war with your dog. Or, give it to two tug-happy dogs and watch them have the best tugging game ever! A really fun dog toy!

The Christmas Braided Fleece Tug toy is a super tough dog toy that was made for some serious games of tugging! It's made from strong and durable anti-pill fleece to create one heavy-duty tugging toy! Playing with the Holiday Braided Fleece Tug toy is easy - just toss it, drag it, wiggle it or swing it. Soon you'll have a dog on the other end begging for a game of tug! The Holiday Braided Fleece Tug toy is Made in the U.S.A. and is machine washable. 

The Holiday Braided Fleece Tug Toy Comes in 2 Sizes:
  • 30"
  • 40"

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