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Busy Buddy Football

These extremely durable toys bounce wildly when tossed & float in water!  The Footballs feature our patented Treat Trapper™, which firmly grips a variety of treats, gradually releasing them as your dog chews. The small and medium Football have one slot for treats; the large has two.

Recommended for strong chewers. Available in 3 sizes. 

Size            Weight                 Breed Recommendations

Small           < 20 lbs              Miniatures, Terriers, etc.

Medium         20 - 50 lbs        Beagles, Shelties, Spaniels, etc.

Large            > 50 lbs             Labs, Goldens, Rotties, etc.


Need a Tasty Dog Treat Perfectly-Sized for the Busy Buddy Football?

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$14.95 USD