Bubbletastic Bacon Dog Bubbles has a rating of 4.1 stars based on 34 reviews.

Bubbletastic Bacon Dog Bubbles


Dogs Love Bacon-Scented Bubbles!

  • 100% non toxic
  • Safe for dogs and kids
  • Special tear-free formula
  • Use alone or with any bubble blower
  • Includes blowing wand

Perfect for use with the Bubbletastic dog bubble machine!

It's true! Our 8oz. bottle of Bubbletastic bacon-scented dog bubbles are a dog's dream! Fun, colorful bubbles that float in the air AND... they smell like BACON!! If anything's gonna get your dog off the couch... these bacon bubbles are gonna do it! Now, if you really wanna get your pooch excited, pour these bacon bubbles into the Bubbletastic bubble machine and watch your dog go crazy as a massive storm of bacon bubbles comes his way! Better have the video camera rolling for this one!


Wellll, it just seems as if dogs can't resist a colored bacon-scented bubble floating in front of them - they just HAVE to pop it. And that really becomes a feat when there's hundreds or thousands of dog bubbles flying at them. Some dogs literally go frantic with excitement of their "important" task of being the chosen dog to pop all those bacon bubbles! It really is hilarious to watch a dog and his bubbles in action. Plus, all that poppin' is good exercise for dear ol' Fido!

Perfect to use to refill any bubble machine or bubble shooter. These dog bubbles are bacon scented, so you know your dog will go crazy over popping all those yummy bubbles! The best dog toy for energetic dogs!



These bacon bubbles work great with these doggie bubble blowers:

        *  Bubbletastic dog bubble machine

Bubbletastic bacon dog bubble refills - 8oz.

$8.95 USD