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  • Tee Bone Anti-Stress Dog Pillow

Tee Bone Anti-Stress Dog Pillow

A scent-releasing pillow designed to comfort anxious pets, the revolutionary Tee Bone is a simple solution for calming anxious pets when they’re home alone. By simply inserting a worn tee-shirt into the loop pocket of the soft, mesh bone-shaped pillow, owners can feel confident their pets have an added “scent” of security until they return home.

How the Tee Bone Anti Anxiety Dog Pillow Works:

Product Features

  • Made of soft, mesh material
  • Designed with a convenient, loop pocket
  • Offers greater sense of security
  • Comforts pets, reducing stress

Product Size

  • Dimensions: 9" X 15" x 1"

$16.95 USD