Fetchtastic Tips

The Fetchtastic tennis ball launcher for dogs allows dogs to have exercise and fun, for as long as you want - without you even having to throw a single ball!

Dogs needs lots of exercise, but it's important to know when your dog needs a break for water and rest. Some dogs will literally just play and play until they pass out from dehydration or exhaustion!

Fetchtastic was created with the idea of a dog being able to completely entertain him/herself for hours on end. Dog Owners of fetch-loving dogs know that throwing tennis ball after tennis ball gets very tiring very quickly. Fetchtastic will keep those tennis balls launching for as long as your dog wants to play fetch!

The ideal way for your dog to play with Fetchtastic is to use only one tennis ball and to train your dog to put that ball safely back into the Fetchtastic machine. This way, your dog controls how often a ball is launched.

Tips on How to Train Your Dog To Use Fetchtastic

Step 1: Introduce your dog to a tennis ball, throw it and encourage him to bring it back to you with the use of small treats.

Step 2: Place one tennis ball inside the Fetchtastic machine. Have it launch and then encourage your dog to bring the ball back to inside the Fetchtastic machine. If your dog does not do this then you must retrieve the ball and place it inside the machine yourself. This step may need to be repeated many times. Also, adding small treats as a reward for putting the ball back into Fetchtastic can be very helpful.

Step 3: Give your dog plenty of praise for putting the tennis ball back into the Fetchtastic machine. Always use positive reinforcement during this training, not negative reinforcement - thatwill only make your dog scared of the Fetchtastic machine.

Safety tips for the Fetchtastic automatic fetch machine for dogs:

Be sure that you or your dog never stands directly in front of the Fetchtastic tennis ball machine. Balls launch quickly so please keep your dog several feet away from where the ball launches. Encourage your dog to place the ball into the top of the machine and away from where the ball launches. Do not allow your dog to put the ball back onto the launcher, on the front of the machine.

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