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Successful dog toy affiliates earn thousands in commissions every month!

You earn 8% in commissions with our program!


The dog toys industry is a multibillion-dollar one. The fact is that people love dogs, they'll always own dogs and dog owners BUY lots of dog toys! Even when the economy was at its lowest, the pet industry was one of the very few industries that remaining virtually unchanged - because loving dog owners were still spending money on their pets! In other words, the pet industry is one of the safest industries to be in with any economy. 

Our Dog Toys are REFRESHING - They're New, Interactive and Fun!

These aren't the ordinary balls, sticks and squeaky toys that people find at local pet shops. Nope, THESE are the dog toys dog owners and dogs have been searching for. Go ahead and take a look for yourself. You'll see that our selection of dog toys is miles ahead of the rest. Plus, is a trusted brand that has been operating since 2004




Becoming an Dog Toys Affiliate is EASY

We'll give you all the information you need - just read below. But bascially, you create a website or ads or blogs or articles (or anything else creative you can think of), we give you your own special link to use and whenever a sale is made through your link, you make a commission! And, there is no sign up fee and no fees for you to pay at all!

How the Dog Toys Affiliate Program Works

You receive a commission on every sale that is made through one of your links (that link directly to either the website or to a particular product page on the website). Affiliates get 20% commission on the Bubbletastic dog bubble machine and Bubbletastic bacon bubbles, and 8% commission on all other products!



Here's What to Do:

Step One: Check out our dog toys. We're sure you'll agree that our dog toys are unique and fun - and the exact kind of new dog toys dog owners are looking for.

Step Two: sign up for our ShareASale dog toys affiliate program. 

Step Three: After you sign up from our ShareASale Affiliate Page, grab any links, advertisements, etc. that you need from our Share A Sale Affiliate Page and use them to put on your webpage, blog, etc.

Step Four: Commissions are automatically paid into your account. Yes, it's all that easy!



Ideas for Earning BIG Commissions With Our Dog Toys Affiliate Program

Here are some ideas that many dog toy affilates use:

  • Set up a dog toys website with pictures and your own product descriptions with a buy now link that goes directly to the product pages. Or use banner ads to really grab people's attention.
  • Create a dog blog and talk about our various products with a link to our website.
  • Write articles and publish them on the web (top 10 interactive dog toys for example) and have the links to the products on website. Squidoo and HubPages is a great place to do this because then you can earn even more commissions from them!
  • Create ads in Google, Yahoo, Bing, wherever. All linking to the website or product pages.
  • Promote our products on your Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, etc accounts.
  • Post on dog-related forum and talk about our website or any of the dog products you like and then provide your special link.
  • Keep thinking. There are lots of ways to get those links out there. The more links you get out there the more chances you have to earn some big commissions being a dog toys affiliate!

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