Dog Tug Toys

Tug toys are one way that your dog uses to show you how darn strong and powerful he / she is. And while some dogs are so Hercules like that they'll practically drag you around the yard with a tug toy, other pooches try their darndest but just can't quite win a game of tug of war on their, yes, that's when dog owners pull the ol' "oh you're so strong, yes you are" routine as their dainty little pooch wags his or her tail in rose colored glasses delight. 

West Paw BumiWest Paw Bumi$11.95 Super King Tug 36"saleSuper King Tug 36"$19.95 Ruff Dawg Super TugRuff Dawg Super Tug$12.95 Kong TugKong Tug$15.95
Kong WubbaKong Wubba$7.95 Hydro SaucerHydro Saucer$12.95 West Paw SalsaWest Paw Salsa$17.95 Jitterbug TugJitterbug Tug$12.95
Rabbit Tuffy - LargeRabbit Tuffy - Large$18.95 Rip N Tug BallRip N Tug Ball$15.95 Kong Ballistic Tug LargeKong Ballistic Tug Large$24.95 Tether TugTether Tug$9.99