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West Paw Zisc

Zisc is built to entertain dogs and outlast all other dog toys! See for yourself!

Regular Frisbees and flying discs aren't made for dogs, so they're made from hard materials - which can hurt or damage a dog's mouth and teeth over time. West Paw's Zisc is made from tough, yet pliable Zogoflex - perfect for a dog's soft mouth.

It doesn't take long for the West Paw Zisc to become a dog's favorite toy for fetching, catching and chewing! And, why wouldn't it be, it's made from super tough, super-strong Zogoflex - a West Paw Design exclusive non-toxic, earth-friendly material that's made in America.


The Zisc dog toy comes in two sizes:

Large 8.5", and Mini 6.5". Each is available in 4 colors: turquoise blue, granny smith green, tangerine orange and NEW glow in the dark!

What satisfied Zisc Dog Frisbee customers have to say:

"ZISC FRISBEES! This is by far the best frisbee I have purchased. My rottweilers have torn up every other product I have purchased and we are going on week 3 and they are almost in perfect shape. I love the fact that they are eco-friendly, but most importantly, my dogs are able to enjoy playing catch again and are not destroying the product in less than a 1/2 hour time frame. Thanks so much for this wonderful product!"
--Kristen, NE

MY GERMAN SHEPARD LOVES IT! My wife purchased one while on vacation in Florida last October. I never thought it would last a week. We now have had it for 5 months. Our German Shepherd loves it. She cannot go outside without it. Although she folds it in half like a taco and chews it, it still retains its shape and ability to fly. We are so glad to find a site to get another. Its a long drive to Florida to keep our dog happy."

"JET-PROOF! Our Lab Jet destroys everything! Well, okay, he hasn’t destroyed the Kong we bought but that’s because he doesn’t really like it. He loves, adores, worships his Zisc! And although he has really, really tried, he CANNOT even put a dent in it. Not only is it Jet-proof, it is everything else proof, too. We bought it for him when he was about three months old (he’s nearly 2 now) and it has been outside ever since, surviving the hot Midwest sun and deep-freeze winters. It was once lost in the snow for about a week before Jet rediscovered it. It stays flexible even at sub-zero temperatures. We play tug of war, fetch, and “keep-away” with this matchless toy. He puts his considerable jaw into it, chewing away with great determination. But the Zisc comes back for more, and doesn’t show the slightest sign of wear and tear!"
--Sandi, illinois


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$14.95 USD