• Nina Ottosson Dog Trubble - Wooden

Nina Ottosson Dog Trubble - Wooden

A fun, challenging, and interactive wooden puzzle game for dogs

Dog's need to use their brain to figure out how to slide the treat-filled pegs down the bendy channel in order to release the treats. Fun and exciting!

The Dog Trubble is an exciting wooden dog puzzle game from Nina Ottosson, designed to really make your dog use his/her brain. Dog Treats are hidden underneath the wooden pegs, which your dog must slide through the bendy channel, in order to get to the dog treats out.

See The Nina Ottosson Dog Trubble Dog Puzzle in Action:

Dogs need to really think in order to "win" the game and eat the treats!

Dogs love playing with the Dog Trubble wooden dog puzzle game because they really have to use their brain and get involved with the game in order to"win" the treats - and everybody knows how much doggies love their tasty treats! This dog puzzle is definitely one of the best boredom-busting dog toys out there.

Lots of different kinds of treats can be used with the 
Dog Trubble wooden dog puzzle - you can use pieces of dog kibble or break larger treats to fit inside the pegs. Either way, your dog will enjoy finding the pieces!

Playing with your dog is fun, it strengthens the bond between you and your furry family member, and is sure to have everyone smiling!

The Dog Trubble is made in Sweden from the strongest of wood, found only in the forests of Sweden. However, while this wood is tough and durable, please don't allow your dog to chew on the Dog Trubble dog game.


Need Tasty Dog Treats Perfectly-Sized for the Nina Ottosson Dog Trubble?

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Buddy-Ohs! or Linkables are perfectly-sized treats for your 4-legged buddy to use with his/her favorite treat toys. They work great with the Nina Ottosson Dog Trubble! 

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Dog Trubble

$64.95 USD