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  • Aikiou Interactive Dog Food Bowl
  • Aikiou Interactive Dog Food Bowl

Aikiou Interactive Dog Food Bowl

Helps dogs eat more slowly and keeps them busy!

Not only is this dog bowl entertaining for your dog, it's good for him too! It slows eating at mealtime and makes for an exciting way to earn dog treats too! A great way to keep dogs busy!

Let Your Dog Discover How Much Fun it is to Eat from an Aikiou Bowl!

All you need to do is fill up the Aikiou Bowl's compartments with your dog's favorite food or dog treats and then watch as he has a ball turning the wheel and opening the doors with his paws or nose.

For Feeding Time or Snacktime!

Instead of your dog's mealtime lasting a mere 30 seconds at wolf-down speed, the Aikiou Interactive Food Bowl, slows down eating speed because your dog has to work for his kibble!  Slowing down the rate at which your dog ingests food reduces digestion problems and encourages healthy eating habits - since your dog is eating slower, he feels fuller sooner. The Aikiou Food Bowl holds up to 3 1/2 cups of dog food!

For snacktime, the Aikiou Food Bowl is an ideal way to keep your dog busy and entertained for longer periods of time. In order for your dog to get the treats he must put on his "thinking cap" and use problem-solving skills to figure out where the treats are and how to get them! Dogs love this dog treat toy because it's fun - and they get rewarded with yummy dog treatsFor all dogs, big or small! The Aikiou Dog Puzzle is available in either a blue or pink color.

Watch the Aikiou Interactive Dog Feeder in Action!



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Aikiou Interactive Dog Food Bowl

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