Dog Puzzles and Dog Games

We carry the largest selection of dog puzzles and dog games you'll ever find. We pride ourselves on our wide variety of dog puzzles - making sure to carry ones from every level of difficulty and requiring different strategies to complete. Dog puzzles and dog games provide a great way for you to bond with your dog and an exciting way for your smart dog to earn dog treats

Buster Dog MazeBuster Dog Maze$34.95 Green Interactive FeederGreen Interactive Feeder$29.95 Hide-A-SquirrelHide-A-Squirrel$24.95 Nina Ottosson Dog Finder - PlasticNina Ottosson Dog Finder - Plastic$52.95
Nina Ottosson Dog Treat MazeNina Ottosson Dog Treat Maze$24.95 Nina Ottosson Dog Trubble - WoodenNina Ottosson Dog Trubble - Wooden$64.95 Nina Ottosson Dog Domino - WoodenNina Ottosson Dog Domino - Wooden$62.95 Aikiou Interactive Dog Food BowlAikiou Interactive Dog Food Bowl$34.95
Nina Ottosson Dog Twister - PlasticNina Ottosson Dog Twister - Plastic$49.95 Nina Ottosson Dog Magic - PlasticNina Ottosson Dog Magic - Plastic$45.95 Nina Ottosson Dog Casino - PlasticNina Ottosson Dog Casino - Plastic$54.95 Nina Ottosson Dog Brick - PlasticNina Ottosson Dog Brick - Plastic$49.95
Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado - PlasticNina Ottosson Dog Tornado - Plastic$44.95 Nina Ottosson Dog Spinny - PlasticNina Ottosson Dog Spinny - Plastic$44.95 Busy Buddy Tug a JugBusy Buddy Tug a Jug$14.95 Nina Ottosson Dog Brick - WoodenNina Ottosson Dog Brick - Wooden$62.95
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