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Bubble Buddy

Dogs LOVE popping bubbles! Especially when they're bacon flavored!

The original Scented Bubble Blowing Dog Toy for dogs! Includes one 4 ounce bottle of Sizzlin’ Bacon scented dog bubbles for hours of chompin ’fun. Easy to use for kids and adults, simply pull on the trigger operated air-bellows mechanism and watch the doggie bubbles stream out. This dog bubble toy let's you blow  bacon bubbles  for your dog to fetch! It's really good for those days when you're tired and your dog isn't. Just sit a lawn chair and blow dog bubbles - they go crazy!

Break out the Happy Dog Toys  Bubble Buddy  and let the fun begin. This specially designed  bubble blower toy for dogs  uses scented bubbles (includes bacon, additional bubble refill flavors sold separately) to get your dog up and active. You'll have a great time watching as your dog sprints, leaps, pounces and tries to catch the elusive bubbles. It's outdoor fun and exercise for your dog that you can take with you anywhere! Scented bubbles for dogs - what a bubblicious idea!  And the best part is,  no batteries are needed - ever .


These bubble refills work perfectly with the Bubble Buddy:

        *  Bubbletastic bacon-scented bubbles - 8 ounces.


The Bubble Buddy is has been discontinued by the manufacturer. 

Please check out the Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine instead. 

It's a bacon bubble machine that dogs go crazy for, popping bacon-scented bubbles left and right. The Bubbletastic dog bubble blower literally blows a windstorm of bacon bubbles for your dog. Talk about some serious fun!

Bubble Buddy dog bubble blower

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